more than just lead generation

Appointments With Qualified Leads, Booked Directly on Your Calendar

Put your appointment setting and lead qualification on autopilot.

Our appointment setters contact your leads within 5 minutes and convert them into appointments, and our 365-day follow up system nurtures your leads and makes them fall in love with your brand.

Just check your calendar, pick up the phone, and call leads that expressed interest in working with you. We make your life easier, so you can focus on doing what you love most – serving your customers.

Leads Qualified by Our Appointment Setters
Calendar Appointments Booked
1. Onboarding & Setup

We will book an onboarding call with you where we will walk you through our system, give you access to our proprietary CRM, reporting and marketing software, and coach you on closing clients.

2. Your Campaign Starts

Our done-for-you service is designed to consistently increase conversion rates, number of qualified leads and number of appointments. We help you conduct data-driven experiments on auto-pilot, tweaking your campaign on a daily basis to achieve a maximum ROI.

You can fully automate your campaigns, or combine our campaigns with your own. You get to decide your level of engagement.

3. Your Leads Are Qualified

After the leads enter our system, they are qualified by our US-based appointment setters who call your leads and have a real conversaion with them. If the lead is qualified (based on the criteria that you set), we book an appointment with them directly on your calendar and enter the lead into our appointment reminder campaign to ensure that they show up.

4. You Receive Your First Leads & Appointments

A couple of days after the campaign starts, you can expect to receive your first set of leads and appointments. These will be individuals who are interested in talking with you and are qualified by our team of appointment setters based on your unique criteria.

5. Your Leads are Entered Into a 365-day Nurture Campaign

Our one year followup campaign sends valuable, unique content to your leads, engaging them and creating a relationship with your prospects. We don't send annoying messages to your prospects, or push them to talk with you.

Instead, we send your leads industry-specific guides, posts, and curated content to help them in their buying decision, subtly mentioning your services and how you can help them. Your leads will love getting useful content from you, so that when they are ready to invest, you will be their number one choice.

6. You Meet With Qualified Leads and Close Them

After getting an appointment on your calendar, you don't have to worry about your leads not showing up or looking them up on Google. All the details about the lead, including their budget, preferences, etc. will be available to you before the appointment, and our appointment setters will follow up with your leads to ensure that they show up.